The Most Unbelievable Shark Attack Story!

Sharks are both beautiful and intimidating. Rodney Winston Fox made lemon out of lemonade after he was the victim of one of the worst shark attacks in history. While he was competing in a spearfishing competition in 1963, Rodney was grabbed in the middle by a Great White in South Australia. After the shark let go and came back for seconds, Rodney took charge and grabbed the Great White and rode it under the water. Eventually, the shark had enough and let go. When he floated to the surface, he had exposed arm bones, exposed abdomen, punctured diaphragm and lung, and other life-threatening injuries. The rescue team chose to keep his wet suit on so that his organs wouldn’t spill out. In total, Rodney had to get 462 stitches to put himself back together. He miraculously survived. But clearly, Rodney was suffering from some post-traumatic stress, as he was terrified of dealing with another shark attack. He started swimming in clear waters that were shark-free at first, and then exactly one year after his attack, Rodney competed in the same spear fishing competition where he nearly died. He ended up with the top score in three out of the four events, and came in second place. But it wasn’t enough for Rodney. He then went on a fishing expedition with Alf Dean, where he witnessed the death of five Great Whites. But instead of feeling relieved, he was disappointed and sad, feeling that the shark’s deaths were pointless. After a trip to the Adelaide Zoo, Rodney was inspired to build a steel-cage where humans could go inside and watch the sharks in their normal state while underwater. The expedition was fully funded and filmed, and inspired Rodney to go into activism and preserving the lives of the Great Whites instead of killing them. Rodney has become one of the most famous people in not only surviving the worst shark attack in history, but also his work in filming sharks underwater.