The Most Epic Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs

When it comes to being a member of the working world, we all eventually come to terms with the fact that we may not like every job that comes our way. Whether you’re working in food, customer service, childcare, corporate, etc. the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. Sure, we all dream of getting that amazing job that we will love and get a big paycheck from, but it’s not always the case. Most of us have to pay our dues by working jobs that we don’t like. Whether it’s dealing with bad fellow employees, bad bosses, impossible customers, or a god awful standard operating procedure, most of us need a job and will bite our tongues to get through the work day. But, once that golden opportunity comes in to start working a different job, we are then excited to be able to hand in our two weeks’ notice to our boss. Well, typically, we’d stay at our job for two more weeks before moving onto the next adventure. But depending on how deplorable the job conditions were before, sometimes the notice is an immediate action. While most job quits are fairly standard and downright boring, here are some epic ways that people have quit their jobs that have immortalized them on the Internet. Take Marina Shifrin for example. She worked for a Taiwanese company whose goal was to create viral videos. Often this meant her bosses made her and her fellow employees work in terrible conditions that included long hours with no breaks, not even for lunch. One night, Marina had it. She decided to create her own viral music video to Kanye West’s “Gone” and announced to her company that she was quitting, effective immediately. The video ended up going viral on its own, and Marina was able to move on to another job that she was happier at. Then we have the story of Joey DeFrancesco, who worked at a hotel. He had a dream of handing his boss his resignation letter and then afterward, have a marching band play him off. Well, thanks to a small marching band for hire, Joey was able to achieve this epic dream and even recorded it for the world to enjoy. His former boss wasn’t quite as pleased as you could see him walk away in disgust in the background as Joey marched away smiling from ear-to-ear. But luckily, the boss of a coffee shop barista was a bit more supportive. The barista put in his two weeks by hiring a barber shop group to help him sing a song about moving on to bigger and better things. The song went so well that the entire coffee shop, bosses included, were smiling and applauding the barista. The rest of these epic quits have mixed reactions, and a few even get the police involved. From messing with the public signage of a fast food restaurant, to getting into a screaming match with customers, some of these job quits get downright dramatic. Check out the rest in this video and find out what happened.