The Highest Insured Body Parts

Normal people typically insure their cars, homes, and other expensive assets. We use medical insurance to make sure that our bodies stay healthy and we can take care of ourselves in the event of an emergency. But when you’re a celebrity, you have other assets that need to be protected. As we all know, the human body is incredibly fierce and delicate at the same time. When you are a major celebrity, taking care of your body is the highest priority. If not, pressure from agents, managers, producers, and executives is certain. Sometimes that means even taking out some extra insurance when it comes to certain body parts that made the celebrity famous. Look at it this way; a rock star may insure their vocal chords, well-endowed actresses may insure their, and dancers may even insure their feet. Should the celebrity ever need treatment for their body parts or if their career was over, they have a backup plan to help themselves financially. For example, Gene Simmons has insured his iconic tongue. Dolly Parton has insured her iconic rack. Celebrities have different assets that they need to cover and would be disastrous should they ever lose their body or famous body part. While most of us work regular jobs that don’t depend on certain talents and appearances, celebrities have much more to lose. Even if they make a lot of money in the millions and billions, insuring their iconic body parts determines whether or not they can continue with the comfortable lifestyle once their spotlight has gone out.