Pranking Airport TSA Police SECURITY! You CRAZY!?

Please share this video and comment… We’d love to hear your airport stories and opinions. Perhaps if we were to see something and said something, we’d all be better off. It’s gotten stupid at airports… the workers are frustrated, the customers are angry… and we are all wasting a lot of time and money. There are measures that seem important at airports for sure, but airports are CREATING environments that are hostile and somewhat dangerous. It’s easy to take frustrations out on the workers, but they are mostly regular people trying to do their jobs and are not allowed to make global decisions or changed. The FAA/TSA/Airlines and others create policy and hide behind these workers that take all the abuse and blame. Air travel has gotten difficult… purposeful overbooked flights, damaged luggage, dangers/stress from RUNNING to connecting flights, delays, old planes, angry workers and customers, rising costs, etc. Sure, there’s a few lame workers that we all want to smack for being rude, but it’s mostly the industry that’s the problem. Please share your thoughts or insight! We really want to hear from you.