Messi Grabs Soccer Player By Throat - Like A Boss!

Messi grabs soccer player by throat and right before he head buts Mapou Yanga. You got to respect the OG on the field though homie. No doubt about it! It’s Lionel Messi’s world, we’re all just living in it. How else can you explain that the Barcelona star only received a yellow card for this head-butt and choke-grab on Roma’s Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa? Somebody get that man a Snickers bar, ASAP! Messi is not acting like himself… Seriously, that kind of nonsense gets you sent off 11 times out of ten, whether it’s in a UEFA Champions League final or a meaningless preseason friendly. But he’s Messi, so, you know. Let’s give him a pass? This brings up an important question, though. Is Messi trying to become more of a badass suddenly? Would explain all the tattoos! Or has Luis Suarez started to rub off on him?