How to find a good lawyer

Basic tips to finding a good lawyer. Good Luck! "Everyone hates a lawyer until they need one," if you're part of that "everyone" then you probably don't know any good lawyers, and since you are watching this video you are also probably looking for one. So lets get to it... There are all kinds of lawyers and all kinds of reasons to need a lawyer, I'm going to give you some basic things you can do to find a good lawyer in whatever field you are looking for. Having a good lawyer can make all the difference, here's a sad but true anecdote: Once upon a time there was a couple getting a divorce. The wife in her anger threatened the husband: "I got the best divorce lawyer out there and you're going to pay through the..." Well you get the picture. So what did the husband do? Well his wife placed her cards on the table so to speak. So the husband realized that he better find a lawyer that could compete with "the best divorce lawyer out there" And that's just what he did. The end result was not pretty. The husband's lawyer was so much better and so many things went in his favor that he actually felt bad for his ex-wife. True Story! So how did he get such great legal representation? He asked around. He got referrals and vetted his lawyer. Hopefully you don't need a divorce lawyer, but whatever kind of lawyer you need the best way to get a good one is through referrals. If you know a lawyer in your neighborhood go to them first and ask them who they would go to. Chances are they'll know someone in the field you are looking for. If there aren't any lawyers that you know then you may know someone who has had a similar legal issue and had success with their lawyer. There are also several lawyer referral websites. If you find some through these avenues, be sure to do your due diligence. They'll probably spend some time on the phone with you at first to make sure you are a good fit for them. You should be doing the same. However you find a lawyer, get several potential leads. A lawyer's experience is a big factor, but so is personality and accessibility, if you don't have a good relationship with your lawyer it can make things a lot more difficult. Another important issue is to settle the matter of money upfront and before you proceed with any legal services. You'll want to find a lawyer who is transparent on the topics of cost, payments, fees and anything else along these lines since legal fees and lawyers wages. This transparency is not always easy to find, but it's definitely worth it if you can at least get ballpark figures. And one last bit of advice. If you happen across the firm Dewey Cheatem and Howe, or Ditchem Quick and Hyde, it's probably best to just walk the other way.