10 Of The Scariest Flights Ever

They say that air travel is one of the safest forms of travel. Statistically speaking, it is. Far more people are killed in car accidents every year and each time you put on your seat-belt, although it may not feel like it, you are heading off a trip which is many times more dangerous. So why doesn’t it feel safer for most of us when we get in a plane? First, we are more used to driving. While we are more likely to die in a car crash the fact that we are in and around cars for much of our lives makes us more familiar and comfortable with them as a mode of transport. Airplanes, on the other hand, are a more foreign method of travel. They sound and smell different and place passengers in a much different environment for travel. The nature of passenger flight means that although it’s statistically safe, when something does go wrong it’s a headline making event because of the numbers of people involved. If you’ve flown on more than a few flights there a chance that you had a moment that maybe caused you more than a little concern. Turbulence, bad visibility, a rough landing or a missed approach – These are all common things that can cause a brief scary moment for some. These pale in comparison to some of the more terrifying moments recorded in the air. From hijackings to mechanical failure to fire, some flights went from the routine to the extreme and will forever be remembered by their passengers as the scariest flights of their lives.