10 Hilarious ‘As Seen on TV’ Items That Are Completely Useless

Take a look around the internet and we’re pretty sure if you’re looking for something specific, someone is selling it. Today, most people head on over to eBay or Amazon when they’re feeling lazy or can’t find that certain item at the local Walmart. Gift ideas, everyday items, clothing and entertainment products – these are the sorts of things we buy a lot of on a daily basis. Then there are the things nobody really needs but we get suckered into buying anyways. You know the deal – Buy two of an item and get a third free. Sure, you may not even need that specific item but if you go and buy another one then you get a third one for free. How on earth could you pass that up? As Seen on TV products have been getting sold under this sort of premise for years. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, try turning on the television early on the weekend and see how a lot of channels are peddling items which are usually just garbage. Often, the commercials themselves are hilarious, full of bad acting and bold statements related to juicers, hotplates, spray-on hair and knife sets. Even among all the useless ideas being sold on TV, there are the best of the worst. As you’ll see, these 10 following items are some of the absolute worst items which fall into the ‘As Seen on TV’ category.